Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bombay Bistro

A swanky new Indian place just opened up in our neighborhood, it's called Bombay Bistro, and it's located on 52nd street between 3rd and Lex. We went in on a whim while we were looking for a good place to eat with no waiting time. The atmosphere of the place is very pleasant, it's nicely designed, with cushy seats and clean modern elegant touches that most Indian food places lack. And the food was top knotch, it's a welcome addition to our neighborhood, because all though we have a few Indian food places around, this is a little more upscale and is generally a nicer place to linger in. They have a small but nice bar right in the front too, with a big screen tv. The food in the above picture looks sparse, but that's just because the waiter very deliberately placed small servings on our plates, we had a lot more food than what is pictured. And they gave us a free appetizer to boot.

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