Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chalupa and her milkbone

So I recently ordered Chalupa heart worm prevention medicine from 1800petmeds, and as usual they include a milk bone in the package. I gave the treat to Chalupa the other day, and unlike her other treats, she takes any cookie and carries it around the entire apartment softly grunting and snorting the whole way. She proceeds to hide the bone, then she asks me to get it for her, usually it's in the couch or under a cushion. But she does this endlessly; hiding and re-hiding her precious bone, I find that if I finally break the cookie in half she'll eat it. So, tonight John broke off a little piece for her, and laid the rest of the bone down by her head. She quickly dropped the bite size piece he handed her and snatched the large piece of bone and made a dash for under the coffee table. Where she greedily gnawed away at it. She's always very competitive about food with JV....I think she knows something. I would have included a picture or a movie, but she is very wary of the camera when she is in the business of hiding her bone, after all it's supposed to be a secret.

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