Tuesday, December 2, 2008

oodles of noodles

Every holiday in Baltimore we have a fun time eating and then dashing off to the next house. And you'd think with so many houses to visit we'd be stuffed like the the Turkey on Thanksgiving day. But each Thanksgiving night (that I can remember) we get to the hotel tired and _hungry_. Usually we eat Thanksgiving dinner around 3pm, then we hang out, then we go to visit John's step dad and grandmom (where we have dessert). And unlike Filipino households, they actually put food away even while people are still there! :) Anyway, this year we stumbled into 7-11 around 10:30 and struck gold, soup in microwavable bowls. We by-passsed the traditional cup of noodles for some more exotic offerings. I got a plain chicken and noodles, and John got another brand and we were going to see which one was better. But since the only fork we had to eat with was Chalupa's dogfood fork, I washed it carefully and we took turns. I think mine was better, since John's "special finishing sauce" turned out to be some kind of oil. Tee hee. He was bragging about the sauce until he realized what it was.


Designerd said...

I think it's important to mention (in our defense) that mostly it's just desserts on the table from about 5:00 onward, so anybody trying not to fatten up too much, or junk out on sweets, will, in fact, get home at 10:30 pretty hungry...

we're not just insatiable gluttons
(well, IIII am, but you're not!)

Nyarlathotep said...

"special finishing sauce"? Hmmm.