Saturday, December 6, 2008

From a beer lovers paradise to a modern Lebanese Grill

Although for most of the day we managed to veg out in the living room watching old movies and letting John recover from his cold/cough/flu. We actually got out of the apartment early and braved Macy's to catch their early day specials for one or two x-mas presents (hundreds of people crammed in trying to get to escalators was not a pretty sight, we stayed long enough to pay for two quick purchases). We then headed to one of our favorite brunch spots in NYC. Favorite because it's usually empty early on the weekends, and it's got a limited but good menu, and tons of great beer. The Ginger Man is one our favorites for their vast selection of beers and the nice folks that work there. They even let John and I come in an hour an half before they officially opened to just sit at the bar. (Well he sat while I went down to the corner to do more shopping.) I recommend the Victory Storm King on Cask, and the Anchor Old Foghorn Barley wine.

Then for dinner we wandered around our neighborhood hoping to find something close to the pinkberry (yes, it's over rated, but the green tea with the mochi topping is awesome--miranda's suggestion). And we found Naya, what I think may be the the polar opposite of Gingerman. Just take a look at the pictures. I think they had the most beautiful urinal I've ever seen. And the food was really good too. It was a little pricey and we felt like we were eating in Tron, but it was worth it. (Plus it was very close to the pink berry).

Here are the pics, guess which place is which.

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