Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas party

I spent today recovering from John's office Christmas party last night, it was great fun to see everyone and spread some holiday cheer. We missed a few friends that didn't make it (did the Valus get our invite?) but over all it was nice to catch up or meet with friends, clients and co-workers. As usual I didn't get to eat a bite of anything, but had plenty of white wine, John and I stopped off at the Pig n Whistle on 2nd, and I got a Shepard's pie. And this evening I'm going to forego my toughest gym class and stay home and make some home made chicken soup, since John has been fighting off a cough/cold these last few days. Which come to think of it, he probably put a lot of our friends at risk of infection last night. :) But I read on plastered poster outside our building that you can actually spread more germs by shaking hands than by kissing. Good thing, John loves to gives hugs and kisses.

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