Friday, January 13, 2012

Billy the Kid

I turned on PBS the other night in an attempt to heal my poor, rotting brain cells after the damage that occurred while viewing The A team movie. It's blasphemous (see my previous A-Team post), but the movie has recently been littering the cable movie channels and I thought, how bad could it be? Well it was pretty horrible. Liam Neeson deserves to be shot, I mean what happened to him? He used to do actually good movies, or great movies...but now he is just laughable. And he was the absolute worst acting in the entire movie...AND he had some stiff competition. But I digress...

In hopes of washing my brain of that horrible sham of a movie, I turned to PBS and was just in time to watch the American Experience episode about Billy the Kid, I didn't know much about him so I figured hey why not. Boy was I in for a treat, I had no idea that Henry McCarty (aka Billy the Kid) was originally form New York and travelled west with his mother for a better life. It was great and fascinating story about a rebellious youth who was first and foremost was loyal to his friends, trying to make right and provide justice for the little guy. He became a hero to the native peoples and a hero to me. The real villains were unscrupulous "business men" and "the law," McCarty was no angel but given the chance he always tried to do what was right. Besides the fact that he had an uncanny knack for getting out of seemingly devastating ends.

Check it out if you are so inclined:

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