Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore, MD

We had a delightful end to a long, relaxing holiday in Baltimore, our gracious hosts introduced us to the Woodberry Kitchen, it's an awesome place. It's beautiful, rustic and cozy. "Woodberry Kitchen features the seasonal best from local growers and emphasizes organic meats and sustainable agriculture. Our goal is to nourish and delight our guests with cooking grounded in the traditions and ingredients of the Chesapeake region." The menu is fabulous, the waitstaff was friendly and efficient, and it was just a great place to spend the evening, do not miss this if you are in Baltimore area. They are often very busy, but we called at around 7 and got 9:30 reservations, it sure is a treat.

We started with the Smoked Rockfish Fritters and Stuffed Tom's Cove Clams, these clams were stuffed with pork sausage and other yummy ingredients, their menu often changes slightly to accommodate the local delicacies that are in season. For my entree I had the chicken and biscuit, and it was divine. The chicken was on top and so delicately crispy and tasty, covering delicious veggies and gravy. I also ordered the Potato and garlic gratin with Hawks Hill cheddar as a side. Again very tasty.  And what better way to finish a gluttony filled holiday then with a decadent dessert? Pat and I shared the C.M.P. which is malt ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow fluff, wet peanuts. This is the stuff dreams are made of, it was served with a flat top with some kind of sugar crisp cover, but it wasn't bruleed, it was perfectly clear keeping all the goodness safe inside. Every thing is hand made, even the marshmallow fluff. So good can't wait to go back there again. I also hear the brunch is fab. Again on my list of things to do next time I'm in B-more.

Hope everyone has had a good holiday! Time to hit the gym!

Woodbury Kitchen, Highly recommended, Entree Prices range approx $16 - $30, a great place to splurge.

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