Thursday, February 10, 2011


Another old random photo of Chalupa, this is one of her favorite things. She absolutely LOVES to lay in the warm clothes out of the dryer. I ended up folding them all around her and carried the basket up from the basement this way. It's great when we are on the back elevator and someone comes on, they slowly realize that I'm carrying more than just laundry. And in case you are curious, after several months of allergies and or yeast infections, Chalupa is doing great on real chicken and rice. This week I started roasting the chicken instead of boiling it, and she absolutely loves it. It looked so good I stole a tiny bite...that is before I added the nutritional powder that adds all the vitamins and stuff. A dog's life....

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Anonymous said...

this picture was a gigantic hit at the office this morning!!!!

:) jv