Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sigmund Pretzelshop, 29 Ave B bet 2nd and 3rd

Dreaming of cheddar and jalapenjo pretzels. Every fall Madison square park hosts a market. Most of the booths are filled with crafts and specialty goods for the early Xmas shopper. But the handful of food booths always steal the show. Last year the gingerbread cookies were a big favorite. And as soon as the weather starting getting brisk I couldn't wait for the Madison Square market to come around again so I could partake in a cookie or three. But this year the pretzels and waffles were the upset. Sigmund Pretzelshop had a cozy little booth with usually about three different flavors of small pretzel and then their jumbo plain salted pretzels, your choice for $3. Three Bucks for one of the most delicious pretzels ever made? I'm talking jalapeno and cheddar, scallion and bacon, paprika and Gruyere, truffle oil and ooh...was it another cheese. I can't remember all of them. The jalapeno and cheddar is pictured in the foreground, along with an olive and something that John ordered with another jalapeno and cheddar.

But you simply must go to Sigmunds and eat a chewy delicious soft pretzel, I recommend the hot apple cider ($2) to wash it down with.

Sigmund Pretzelshop. Highly recommended. 646-410-0333. 29 Avenue B, between 2nd and 3rd Street.

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