Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spoon and Tablespoon

So, our good friend Christine, has turned us on to a great little place for Brunch and lunch on weekdays (they aren't open for dinner). Spoon is the catering side of the company and Table Spoon is the restaurant side. It's homey and unassuming, and I liked the looks of it right away. It's kind of diner-ish but in a chic and friendly way. The chrysanthemums on the tables in the glass jars are a nice touch. I ordered the pancakes (which I had offered to share with Christine in exchange for half of her skillet) and John ordered the granola. As soon as my beautiful pile of pancakes was placed before me, I immediately regretted the sharing arrangement. But I shared, and her skillet was very flavorful and savory, but I'm not into runny eggs, and the skillet wasn't quite hot enough to cook the eggs on top. But I dutifully cut my pancake order in half and heaped them on her plate. My pancakes were fluffy bites of syrup coated heaven. And I don't even like syrup all that much, but it was blueberry syrup and a little bit of real blueberries sprinkled around the plate. It definitely hit the spot. If you are in the flat iron district (20th street between 5th and 6th) I definitely recommend coming in for a nice brunch. Or stopping by during the week for their "boxed" lunch. I haven't tried the lunch yet, but I suspect that it will just as good as brunch. Everyone was very happy at our table. Highly recommended.

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